Civilian was started in 2011. We have a record out and it’s called “Should This Noose Unloosen." More than anything we love human beings and we want to be a part of making the world better. We do that by writing songs that we hope keep you up at night. We want nothing more than to write the music that you fall in love to, that you can’t wait to show your friends and that accosts small-mindedness. We all think and believe different things— but we agree on the main thing. We all make music alone—but we make our best music together. We are Civilian and we make music for the everyman.


Too lanky to be cocky, this fair skinned high-school student council runner up has an affinity for doing things the hard way and an aversion to handling food. As drummer Jeff Rose once pointed out, dogs look at Ryan and HE quickly becomes THEIR spirit animal. No stranger to parody, he plays a $130 guitar through a $2,800 amp. Owns zero animals.  

IG/Twitter: @ryanstephena


If you were stuck inside a meat locker with someone else and you had to rely on them to break you out, I would bet my lunch money that NO ONE would kick that door down faster than Daniel Diaz. Heart of gold with a black belt in efficiency. Also, he is an unbelievable bass player, a fantastic guitar player, a hell of a mix-engineer and a fantastic husband. He has (2) dogs and a (1) cat.

IG/Twitter: @dan_a_diaz